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Why is this Study important to you?

Bus I-55/South Sixth Street is a major north-south artery in Springfield and the primary southern entryway into the city. Visitors to our local historical sites and other regional destinations travel this section of historic Route 66 after exiting off of the two interstates on the street’s southern end. It is important for the city’s tourism interests, and the economic boost that it provides, that the street be improved to increase safety and capacity, while preserving the scenic, aesthetic, historic and environmental resources of the area.

The proposed area for improvements along Sixth Street runs from north of I-72 to Stanford Avenue. This stretch of roadway is vital to local interests as well, serving as both a corridor to other major streets and highways, and as a destination point for motorists. The corridor is lined with a mix of retail, commercial and industrial properties, making it one of the most economically vibrant sections of town. Students and teachers traveling to the campuses at the University of Illinois-Springfield and Lincolnland Community College use Sixth Street as a primary route. The area also serves as home to residents of two communities, the City of Springfield and the Village of Southern View.

The Illinois Department of Transportation recognizes the importance of this section of Sixth Street and the need to make improvements to increase safety while reducing congestion. A project of this magnitude requires the input of the many concerned residents, business owners and commuters who can offer advice on what improvements should be made and how disruptions can be minimized during construction. Working together, we can help make this much-needed project a reality.