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What is this Study?


Bus I-55/South Sixth Street is located at the southern end of Springfield and Southern View in Sangamon County, Illinois, and serves as a major gateway into both jurisdictions providing a direct connection to I-55 from the east and south and I-72 from the west. What is unique about this roadway corridor is that it not only serves as a major commuter/transportation thoroughfare providing a connection to many of the area's significant sites, but it is also a destination point for many motorists due to the densely populated commercial and retail businesses lining the corridor, along with residential neighborhoods within the project area.

The anticipated limits of the project will extend from the I-55/I-72 interchange to the north, terminating at the Stanford Avenue intersection for an approximate project length of 1.5 miles. This project will be coordinated with the City of Springfield's Stanford Avenue improvement planning process as well as the Illinois Department of Transportation's I-55 corridor/interchange studies currently underway. In addition, with ongoing rail studies being conducted for the Springfield area, the fate of the existing Illinois Central grade-separated rail crossing immediately south of Stanford Avenue is unknown and the potential impacts are to be identified as part of this proejct.

This study is a Phase I Preliminary Engineering and Environmental Study for Bus I-55/South Sixth Street in Springfield, Illinois. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the capacity of the roadway and intersections, and to determine the need for additional traffic lanes and other improvements in order to increase capacity and safety for all roadway users throughout the study corridor.